VIDEO. From child to governor of California … back to the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger


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We're just asking you to stop lying to people about climate change and pollution and offer solutions, not bullshit“He is a star actor, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a very committed man for ecology.

He was born in 1947 in Austria. He grew up in a Catholic family but suffered violence from his father, a former member of the Nazi party. At age 14, he discovered in a magazine, a bodybuilding champion turned actor and decided to take inspiration from it.

At age 20, he is the youngest athlete to win the famous Mister Universe bodybuilding competition. The following year, he moved to the United States. At 29, he won the Golden Globe for Best Young Girl Award for his role as an Austrian bodybuilder in “Stay Hungry”. At 36, he becomes an American citizen. In 1984, he enters the history of cinema by playing Terminator in front of the camera of James Cameron. In the late 1990s, his acting career is on the decline.

I want to thank Greta and these young heroes around the world for sharing their big dreams.

At 56, he was elected Governor of California, under the colors of the Republican Party. In 2006, then campaigning for a second term, he announced a device that aims to reduce a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in California by 2020. At age 64, he founded the NGO R20. Its goal: to participate in the fight against climate change. According to him, “cis the challenge of our time. “

In December 2015, as part of the COP21 in Paris, he challenged world leaders on the issues of climate change. From 2016 and the presidential campaign, he refuses to support Donald Trump and even opposes him violently. At 71, at a climate summit in Vienna, Arnold Schwarzenegger supports Greta Thunberg.

In 2018, during #MeToo and 15 years after being charged with sexual assault, he admits to having “crossed the line several times” and apologizes.


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