VIDEO. His arrival in Paris, his first film… Three moments that changed the life of Malik Bentalha

His Spanish teacher

While still in high school, Malik Bentalha already has a strong taste for jokes. A character trait that his Spanish teacher quickly noticed. “The classroom was a really good training room and she was a big customer of that“, he says. It was thanks to the good advice of this teacher that Malik Bentalha finally decided to devote himself to what fascinated him: the theater. He will then do the Cours Florent.”I stayed there for 14,000 euros“, he quips.

His arrival in Paris

At 18, Malik Bentalha discovered Parisian life. “I play theater and above all, I start to scour open Parisian stages. And I do them all“, remembers the actor. In addition to being able to exercise his passion, Malik Bentalha also met people who also changed his life. Then, it was also there that he started to earn money in a hat next to his odd jobs. “I did a lot of odd jobs to try to pay myself 1 square meter“, smiles the humorist.

The success of “Pattaya”

Another important moment for the humorist: his first success in cinema with “Pattaya” by Franck Gastambide. “It made 2 million admissions, when we didn't even hope for half“, he says enthusiastically. Malik remembers in particular the figures evening, the evening of the film's release:”We finish in front of “The Revenant” with Leonardo DiCaprio“A success that has led to others …


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