VIDEO. I was “passed for Al Capone”, complains Michel Platini, back after four years of suspension by Fifa

Invited Wednesday, November 6 on franceinfo, Michel Platini said to feel “serene”, and not revenge. The former boss of UEFA has reconsidered his suspension for four years of any activity related to football, which ended on October 7, and on the case that precipitated its fall in 2015, which was aimed at the presidency Fifa.

>> His suspension by Fifa, the World Cup in Qatar, his return to football … the “8h30 franceinfo” by Michel Platini

He was accused of having received two million Swiss francs (1.8 million euros), paid without a written contract by Sepp Blatter, former boss of Fifa, for work as a consultant. “Everyone supported me, but no one helped me,” he notes to describe his crossing of the desert.

I've been called a falsifier, a briber, a money launderer. It's complicated for me, it's complicated for the family.

Michel Platini

at franceinfo

“We call you Al Caponelaughs Michel Platini. When you take that in the face and you still do not know why, it hurts. You are someone known, it does not come from Republican Lorrainit's all over the world, powered by Fifa … You're trying to understand, but you're so uncomfortable that you do not know how much people will look at you. “

The former number 10 of the French football team tells that he sometimes went out with black glasses and a cap not to be recognized. “These are difficult moments.” He is now convinced that he has been the victim of a maneuver to prevent him from becoming President of Fifa. “Afterone month, you understand that all this is a conspiracy, a plot and you start to defend yourself, you try to find the right parades, but in the end, you know you'll never win. Everything is piped from the beginning. We did not want me to be president (of UEFA), we did not want me to be president of Fifa “.

Michel Platini launched a judicial counter-attack: a complaint against X in France for “criminal conspiracy to commit the crime of slanderous denunciation”, two complaints in Switzerland against the spokesman of the Swiss prosecutor's office and the former spokesman of the examining chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee, and an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights .

Was he able to identify those who, according to him, maneuvered against him? : “That's why I complained X. X, it's a lot of people.” For Michel Platini it's now “justice” to do his job.

It's difficult for me to lay charges. I have my idea, I know who collaborated, who tried to get me out, who tried to make sure that I do not come back in football.

Michel Platini

at franceinfo

According to Michel Platini, “Sepp Blatter created an atmosphere against me and after others worked on it”. The president of FIFA had made Michel Platini his vice president before becoming his best enemy. According to the French, some have done everything “In order not to be president of Fifa, there are interests at stake, I have values ​​about football, I might have taken other people and there are people who would have left I might have created a new world of football and it did not please inside. “


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