VIDEO. In New York, the stairs of the movie “Joker” is invaded by tourists

Since the release of the movie “Joker” in October, tourists flock to a staircase in the district of Highbridge, in the Bronx. This staircase served as a backdrop for a scene from the famous film. But, while the visitors chained the photos on the “Joker stairs”, the residents of the neighborhood have made their own opinion about the influx of tourists. “People come here and they just want to use this place to take pictures, but they do not support the community, the local population laundries, grocery stores, etc.“, Thonna regrets.”There are people, real people living here. Poor people. And that sucks“she continues.

According to another resident of the area, this place normally attracts no one. “If you are not from here, you do not come here“he says.

If you come here, spend a little money on it (…) Show your support. Do not sit there.

Another resident of the neighborhood points out the people who, after seeing the film, have “the impression that it (their neighborhood) belongs to themIf angry people are numerous, there are some who see it as a boon: “For me, it's an honor that we made a film in my neighborhood. ” “People have a new reason to come to the Bronx, other than Yankee Stadium“, argues another person.


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