VIDEO. Islamophobia in France: “We only talk about theses carried by the extreme right”, deplores MEP Damien Carême

Some fifty personalities, collectives and associations signed a controversial forum Friday, November 1 to launch a call to demonstrate Sunday, November 10 to say “Stop Islamophobia”. Franceinfo guest Sunday, Damien Lenten will not participate in the event, but the MEP Europe Ecology Greens (EELV) acknowledges that he agrees on the substance and accuses the government to put forward “theses carried by the far right”.

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Even if Damien Carême regrets some passages of the tribune published in the newspaper Releasehe remains united on the bottom of the text and with the march organized this Sunday. “There may be some words that shock, but on the bottom, I think that the stigmatization of a certain part of the population is really problematic, He explains. In France, this is what we live regularly. We are on a fragmentation of society, and Muslims right now in France are the victims right now. “

We will look for a word, a sentence, a name of a signatory … but the bottom of the problem is the fight against the blacklisting of part of the French population.

Damien Lent

at franceinfo

According to the MEP, “we only talk about theses carried by the far right: migration, IslamophobiaHe takes the example of the debate on recent immigration.followed the revolt of 'yellow vests', it was not a priority but it is a theme that comes to the National Assembly, well before the fight against poverty or tax evasion that have increased in our country “, lamented Damien Carême on franceinfo.


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