VIDEO. One of the sets of the film “Joker” transformed into a place of pilgrimage in New York

The scene has become cult. Joaquin Phoenix, in the movie Joker dancing on a staircase in the Bronx district of New York (United States). Fans stormed this place to replay the character's dance, a scary psychic clown.

It's as if I was in the shoes of the character, a moment of triumph for me, plus the pictures we made were successfulA tourist says these steps have turned into a place of pilgrimage when the Bronx was so far from the tourist circuit.

Some local residents consider that the film has transformed the image of this popular district. “It was a shock for us, because this is the first time the Bronx is in the spotlight as suddenly, the film is out and in less than a week people started to visit the worst neighborhood, one of the poorest“, says a resident.There are so many negative things happening here, so many problems that it's distracting to have people coming“, considers another.In France, the film Joker has already attracted more than 3 million viewers.

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