VIDEO. The moments that changed the life of actor Jesse Eisenberg

His birth

Before that, I did nothing“It is with humor and seriousness at the same time that the actor describes his birth as the moment that changed his life. In addition, his thoughts go to his mother:”She was carrying me around. She was tired. She had cravings for earth and pickles. She talked about it for years, usually pissed off, saying, 'You will never understand how painful it is.'

His meeting with a surviving Holocaust cousin

You know, we don't want to be too intrusive with someone who survived genocide.“From this meeting, the actor did not want to have the details of a trauma. Indeed, Jesse Eisenberg mostly knew the story of his cousin from his family.My goal with her was to try to connect with someone who deserves a connection.“He argues in particular the”feeling of compassion“to this cousin and”for those who are still alive and who have experienced this excruciating trauma. “

His fight against domestic violence

Jesse Eisenberg feels very close to this cause. Her woman works in the shelter for women victims of domestic violence Middle Way House, which was first managed by his mother. He then insisted on using his “celebrity status” to help”. A way for him to give a “social value“to his acting profession.”So my wife has been involved in all of these great causes since she was born and I am fortunate to be able to ease my own narcissistic discomfort whenever I want. “


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