VIDEO. “Too many people underestimate this damn coronavirus”: the poignant testimony of Gianni Zampino, sick

This virus unfortunately entered my body and it also killed the person who is most dear to me in my life, my father.

Gianni Zampino tested positive for coronavirus. Today, he wants to share his story and his remorse. When the first symptoms of the virus appeared – fever and dry cough – Gianni Zampino “didn't really stay at home”. This manager of a company that makes electric scooters “didn't want to leave his teams“So he made several trips back and forth between Turin and Milan. It was there that he contracted the virus.

Upon returning from a day in Milan, Gianni Zampino began to feel chills. “Saturday morning (note. The next day), when I got up, I felt bad and I passed out“, he says.”And then, on Tuesday, I started to have difficulty breathing“, continues Gianni. Hospitalized for ten days, Gianni affirms it bluntly:”It's a nightmare. “

Without knowing it, Gianni certainly infected his 76-year-old father: “Deep inside, I knew that if he tested positive for Covid-19, with his dialysis, he would not survive. So I made sure I didn't know anything and one day, a message of condolence came to me and there I immediately understood.

Today, Gianni urges all Europeans to respect the rules of containment.


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