VIDEO. Wearing the veil on school outings: “Peace be given to people” asks Adrien Quatennens

“Make peace with people,” reacted Tuesday, October 29 on franceinfo Adrien Quatennens, deputy of the North and coordinator of the insubordinate France, to the proposal of law LR aiming at prohibiting the wearing of religious signs to the parents accompanying school trips. And he denounced “an exception principle reserved for a single religion”, Islam.

“I have no problem with the fact that we have a debate on religious symbols in general, continued Adrien Quatennens. However, this bill does not speak about religious signs in general, it targets a religion in particular, Islam, with this issue of accompanying students on school outing, with regard to the veil “, he said, while Bruno Retailleau, president of the group Republicans in the Senate, refused the request of the Socialist MP Samia Ghali to withdraw this bill.

“On this particular issue of accompanying children on school trips, we must stick to the law”, he added, referring to the veiled mother taken by a regional RN Regional Council of Burgundy-Franche-Comté. “

If you do not want such belonging or confession to be expressed in school trips through religious symbols, there is a solution. It is to recruit civil servants who would accompany the school trips, which are submitted to them, to the neutrality that is required of civil servants. In the meantime, if it is not the case, let people have peace.

Adrien Quatennens

at franceinfo

Adrien Quatennens lamented “An exception principle reserved for a single religion is what the bill proposes to do, we are not in the field of secularism. what are you going to do ? Police clothing outside? It's not serious, it's not reasonable, ” he concluded.


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