VIDEO. What does the official logo of the OG 2024 tell us?

At first, the emblem is the same for the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. A first ! “It's also a sign to include the Paralympic Games as much as possible in this month of trials,” says Thomas Snégaroff.

In addition, for the first time, there is a human face on the emblem, giving the logo a historical dimension: “This human face is a woman's face.“”This woman, and this is the other historical event, she still looks like a woman of the 1920s“, says the historian.

The “boyish haircut” of the woman represented reflects an era. “It's Josephine Baker, it's in 1925 that she arrives in Paris with his boyish cut, it's really a moment“, explains Thomas Snégaroff.

The historian also recalls that the year 1925 is none other than the year of the great exhibition of decorative arts in Paris. A reference, according to him, which is found in the emblem freshly revealed, especially in the graph and in the typo chosen. “We are really on wholesale aesthetic codes of what is called decorative art “says Thomas Snégaroff.

For Thomas Snégaroff, these multiple references to the 1920s are not random. “The 1920s is the last time we had the Summer Olympics in Paris“, he says.


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