Vietnamese families fear their children will be among the victims

The British police had initially announced that the 39 victims were all Chinese.

Who are the 39 people found dead on Wednesday in a refrigerated truck near London (United Kingdom)? While the British police initially announced that all the victims were Chinese, several families in Vietnam now fear that their children will be among the victims.

Essex police announced on Friday, October 25, the arrest of 3 new people, after that of the driver of the truck, for human trafficking and homicides. The authorities also stressed that the situation was changing as long as the process of identifying victims was not completed.

Nguyen Dinh Gia, the father of a 20-year-old Vietnamese, revealed to AFP on Saturday that he received a chilling call a few days ago announcing that his son had died while trying to reach the United Kingdom. An unknown interlocutor speaking in Vietnamese told him: “I beg your forgiveness, something unexpected happened”. “I collapsed when I heard that” reacted the interested party. “It seems that my son was in this truck who had the accident, they are all dead”.

“It is possible that Vietnamese are among the victims”confirmed to the news agency a Vietnamese security source.

Another family from central Vietnam fears that their daughter is among the victims found in the refrigerated truck. Pham Thi Tra, a 26-year-old Vietnamese woman, sent a message on the phone to her mother explaining that she could not “more breathe”, that she was “dying”, have reported several British media, whose Guardian.

To reach the United Kingdom, many Vietnamese pass through Russia or China with fake passports. This journey can cost them up to the equivalent of 36,000 euros.


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