Vincent Cassel discusses his role in Hors Norms

“Hors Normés” tells the story of Bruno and Malik, who each run an association helping children and adolescents with autism.

I did not know what autism was. I had a vision a little romanticized by Hollywood with the movie Rain Man.

In the new film by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, Vincent Cassel plays alongside Benjamin Lesieur, a young non-professional actor with autism. “I worked with him as with an actor who … an actor who would not learn his text so much …Vincent Cassel smiles as Stéphane Benhamou, director of the association Le Silence des Juste, which deals with adolescents with autism, says the director:In my head, I forgot he was an actor because I thought I was recruiting a specialized educator. “

For Vincent Cassel, putting himself in the shoes of a specialized educator allowed him to understand what autism was. “I was aware of nothing like, I would say, 98% of people“, he says.Basically, the shortcut is the autistic, it's all gifted. While there is but it is not the case for everyone“In addition, this role allowed Vincent Cassel to open his eyes to the reality around the care of people with autism.”I did not know there were people who were completely left to their own devices“, he comments.

It was the children who trained Vincent.

Stéphane Benhamou

to Brut.

If at first Vincent Cassel experienced a form of “useless compassion” with regard to these children, he quickly approached them “to learn to have credible contact with these young people.“A likelihood acquired mainly through this.It's the children who train us to autism, not the opposite“, adds Stéphane Benhamou.

The film is currently showing all over France.


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