Vladimir Putin calls for the creation of a Russian alternative to Wikipedia

The Russian government plans to devote the equivalent of 24.11 million euros to this project.

A project as amazing as it is ambitious. Vladimir Putin on Tuesday (November 5th) called for the creation of a Russian online encyclopedia that would be more “reliable” than Wikipedia.

“Regarding Wikipedia (…) it is better to replace it with the new Great Russian encyclopedia in electronic form”Russian President told the Kremlin during a meeting of a commission on the future of the Russian language, quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency. He was referring to a Russian encyclopedia published between 2007 and 2014, currently only available in paper format.

The government plans to spend nearly 1.7 billion rubles (24.11 million euros) over the next three years on the development of a Russian online encyclopaedia, according to official documents made public. September.

The Russian version of Wikipedia claims to have more than a million and a half articles. In 2015, the Russian authorities had briefly banned the site because of an entry giving, according to them, indications on the preparation of a cannabis drug.


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