Wall Street starts the year by climbing to new records

The New York Stock Exchange took its major indices to new highs on Thursday, the prospect of a Sino-US trade deal and a decision by the Chinese central bank encouraging investors' optimism about global growth.

Its flagship index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, gained 1.16% to finish at 28,868.80 points.

The highly technological Nasdaq took 1.33% to finish at 9.092.19 points and the broad S&P 500 index appreciated by 0.84% ​​to close at 3.257.85 points.

Wall Street thus continues its momentum after a robust year, galvanized by accommodating central banks, the hope of a easing of trade tensions and solid economic indicators: in 2019, the Dow Jones appreciated by 22%, the S&P 500 29% and Nasdaq 35%.

In the aftermath of a public holiday, market participants welcomed the decision of the Chinese Central Bank on Thursday to lower the reserve requirement rate imposed on banks again, a measure intended to free up around 114 billion dollars to stimulate loans and revive the economy.

The announcement reinforced the idea that central banks around the world are ready to continue to support growth broadly.

– New rules on vaping –

Coupled with the signing expected on January 15 at the White House of a partial trade agreement between Washington and Beijing, it also fueled hopes of seeing the Chinese economy rebound quickly.

“If the Chinese economy stabilizes and in addition it has ample liquidity, this is good news for emerging countries, and more broadly for the world economy,” notes Karl Haeling of LBBW.

And even if the compromise recently concluded by Washington and Beijing is only partial, “it is taking away for the moment the idea that new taxes may be imposed, which could encourage companies to boost their stocks,” he adds. -he.

On the bond market, the 10-year rate on the American debt fell around 20:20 GMT to 1.875% against 1.918% Tuesday at the close.

In terms of values, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, took 2.27%. According to a study published in the scientific journal Nature Wednesday, the company's medical research division has developed an artificial intelligence system capable of better detecting breast cancer on mammograms than radiologists.

The other tech giants were also in good shape as they approached the big CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas from January 7-10.

Apple, which has already won 86% in 2019, rose 2.28% when Microsoft appreciated 1.85%.

Cigarette maker Altria, which owns 35% of vaping specialist Juul, fell 1.32%. Donald Trump's government announced Thursday that it will ban most flavors from electronic cigarettes that use cartridges, which are popular with young people.

The vaping sector has however torn off size exemptions, such as the fact that the menthol taste can continue to be sold or that refillable tanks are not affected, to the chagrin of public health associations.


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