Walt Disney is preparing a remake of “Bambi” in live action

This is the trend of the moment at Disney: to make remakes of its famous cartoons, with actors and in computer-generated images. The next one is Bambi, the original of which dates from 1942.

After Cinderella, Evil spell, adapted from Snow White, The jungle Book, The beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, or the recent Lion King, it is Bambi which is going to be the subject of a remake in real shots with strong synthetic images, of one of the famous cartoons of Walt Disney.

Directed in 1942, but only released in France in 1947 (American films were banned under the Occupation in France), Bambi is one of Walt Disney’s most beautiful animated films. With its incomparable undergrowth, the irresistible Pan Pan rabbit, Bambi remains in the memories, but it also traumatized more than one young spectator, with the scene of the death of the mother of the small fawn, killed by the hunters.

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The new adaptation of the German novel by Frelix Salten, a veritable anti-hunter manifesto, is in the hands of two screenwriters, including Geneva Robertson-Dwore, who collaborated on Captain marvel, according to the Hollywood Reporter. As in The Lion King, the animals playing all the roles, the computer generated images of the greatest realism will be the stars of the film.

The success of all these remakes, to which we can add Alice in Wonderland or Aladdin, will lead to other films in the process. The next projects range from Pinocchio, entrusted to Robert Zemeckis, to The little Mermaid directed by Rob Marshall, passing by Snow White, Peter Pan, or The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Before being put in the box, Disney studios will offer spectators Mulan in March 2020, and Cruella, with Emma Stone, inspired by One hundred and one Dalmatians, in May 2021.


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