watch the exhumation of dictator Franco from his monumental mausoleum

What there is to know

Francisco Franco, the winner of the bloody civil war (1936-1939) who led Spain with an iron fist until his death in 1975, is due to be exhumed, Thursday, October 24, of his monumental mausoleum near Madrid . Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez made the transfer of the remains of the “Caudillo” a priority as soon as he came to power in June 2018 so that this mausoleum could no longer be a “place of apology” of Francoism. Follow this event in our live.

Helicopter transfer. The remains of the dictator will be transferred, by helicopter if the weather permits, from the mausoleum of “Valle de los Caidos”, located about fifty kilometers from Madrid, to the cemetery of Mingorubbio where his wife rests in the north of the Spanish capital.

“Repair”. It is “a great victory of dignity, memory, justice and reparation, and therefore of the Spanish democracy”, launched on Wednesday, the Spanish Prime Minister. Promised for the summer of 2018, the operation was delayed more than a year by the successive lawsuits of the descendants of the dictator who had led a military uprising against the republican government elected and abolished the republic after its victory, followed by a bloody repression.

Measure voted in 2017 by the Spanish Parliament. The government of Pedro Sanchez acts on the basis of a vote in 2017 of the Spanish parliament requesting the exhumation of Franco, but remained a dead letter because of the opposition of the conservative government of Mariano Rajoy (People's Party), whose deputies were abstained.


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