“We are convinced that it is illegal,” says a representative of the sector

According to Ariane Daguin, ambassador for foie gras in the United States, the New York City Council, which made the decision to market this dish, is not competent to judge the animal condition.

It is a French symbol that is targeted, according to foie gras professionals: the city of New York, in the United States, decided to ban the marketing of the product, from 2022. “We will sue”, reacted Friday, November 1 on franceinfo Ariane Daguin, ambassador of foie gras in the United States, director of the company D'Artagnan. This ban has been passed by the New York City Council and has yet to be ratified by the mayor of the city. It will reach hundreds of restaurateurs, and several producers.

franceinfo: Is this decision a blow?

Ariane Daguin : Yes, of course, especially since it is an unfair act. We are convinced that it is illegal, so we will fight, we will sue them to reverse that. It was a municipal council that made the decision. He is not competent to judge the animal condition.

How was your hearing by the city council?

Elected officials were invited one by one to visit the two farms two hours from New York to see for themselves. Not one has come since the first hearing in June. At the first audition, we had the right to three times two minutes while an animal welfare association was entitled to half an hour. Three or four councilors wore a “no foie gras” t-shirt. So the case was heard, with no discussion.

What about animal welfare? What do you say to those who say that ducks suffer?

We have been in the United States for 35 years and we specialize in well-behaved animals. Our mission is to give restaurateurs and chefs at home the best meat possible. For this, it is necessary to raise animals with a lot of space, without antibiotic, drug, without growth hormone and especially without stress. I do this with all the animals and with the ducks I'm very careful. The neophyte who sees the photo of the funnel says that it must hurt. The duck has an insensible esophagus and gorges itself, like geese, before migration. Man has only reproduced this act.


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