“We call all cinemas not to project this film, to stop projecting the work of a rapist”

Forty activists have prevented the premiere to be held on the eve of the release of the film “J'accuse” by Roman Polanski.

A group of independent feminists blocked the premiere of I accuse, the latest film by the director Roman Polanski, which was to take place on Tuesday, November 12 at the Champollion cinema in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, found the journalist franceinfo on the spot.

Roman Polanski is accused by Valentine Monnier of having raped her in 1975, when she was 18 years old. “We call all the cinemas not to project this film, to stop projecting the work of rapist”explains on franceinfo Chloé Madesta, a member of this group composed of about forty women. They unfurled banners that read: “Polanski, rapist, end of omerta in the world of cinema”.

Giving press to this kind of sexual predators is also protecting them.Chloé Madestaat franceinfo

“Polanski, rapist, public accomplice”the protesters chanted. “We do not think it's trivial to buy a movie ticket and project this film in its cinema, it's not nothing, it's still a political act, on the side of the audience is also called boycott When you buy a movie ticket you can protect the person who produces the work behind “.

For Chole Madesta, this cancellation “is not a victory, it will be a victory, when the impunity of the rapists will end.This is a symbolic action that has been made, and that allows to show that we must put forward the words of the victims, the artistic purpose of sex offenders and rapists.The day when women stop being raped will be a victory “.

Collective of feminists in front of the Champollion cinema in Paris on November 12, 2019. (LAURENT MACCHIETTI / RADIO FRANCE)


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