We could not miss it. It's good to be second this morning …

Raymond Poulidor, former French cyclist and ambassador of the yellow jersey on the Tour de France 2019, guest informed Franceinfo, Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), July 19, 2019. (FABRICE RIGOBERT / RADIO FRANCE)

It's good to be second and the losers can be beautiful. At the end of the effort, as in this archive of INA, 1967, Col du Tourmalet, the breath, the suffering, the self-sacrifice through the ages and the departments.

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Raymond Poulidor is dead. Sometimes we can pedal, we will never be first. But he is one of those magnificent losers, these champions without a crown, without a crown but with a huge kingdom, Milan San Remo, Paris Nice, Dauphine Libere, seven stages of the Tour, eight podiums and so on …

This morning, it's good to be second. Because we do not say to give a first, but a second life. Because there is always more seating in the second bus, in the second metro. Because it's nice to find a second youth and that everything is possible with a second chance.

That it is good to be second because the second class is less expensive in the TGV, because it is in second that we laugh the most in high school, because we understand better at the second reading, because 'drive in second, we do not stall, because we measure everything in seconds and sometimes some can change lives, because it is the second most surprising option, the first time is rough, the second , a masterpiece and that everyone knows.

So it was, a second time. Jean-Claude Lamy says it in his book My Poulidor. Poupou's favorite song wasOde to love of Edith Piaf. So go ahead, Poupou. No matter, if you're second, I do not care about the whole world.


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