“We saw South Africans make a near perfect match”

Marc Lievremont, former coach of the XV of France, does not hide his admiration for the Springboks, world champions for the third time in three finals.

South Africa is world rugby champion for the third time in its history. Saturday, November 2 in Yokohama, Japan, the Springboks beat England 32 to 12. The English certainly paid during this match “all efforts made in quarter and semifinals”, Franceinfo Marc Lievremont, former coach of the XV of France who also saw “South Africans achieve a near perfect match”.

The score is heavy, the South Africans have foiled all predictions?

Marc Lievremont: Yes, before this final, we had a particularly impressive English team throughout the competition. The English had notably martyred the Australians and New Zealanders, triple champions of the title. Facing them, this South Africa had lost to New Zealand in the first match and had struggled to overcome Wales.

Yet from the first minutes of the match, we saw all the intensity that was able to impose South Africa to England?

Yes with more collective control, an outrageous domination of the fundamentals, especially in closed scrums and a huge aggressive defense. A game not very spectacular for a long time and that made us think of the final of the World Cup 2007, a final already won by South Africans against that same England. And then in the second half, the English overplayed, outwitted and offered themselves to South Africans.

There has been a tremendous physical and psychological investment of the British against the All Blacks, have not they paid a little today?

There was an exceptional mobilization. Winning the All Blacks that happened to me in the semi final, a long time ago! It always requires a concentration and determination quite exceptional. The English still managed to get out of a complicated hen with the presence of Argentina and France even if the match did not take place and they would have had to win against Australia, against New Zealand and against South Africa, the three big nations of this game, which never happened. All efforts in the quarterfinals and semifinals were certainly paid during this match and then we saw the South Africans make a near perfect match.


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