Weekend Cinema. “Three Summers” by Sandra Kogut, before Bolsonaro came to power in Brazil

Three Summers by Sandra Kogut theatrically released on March 11, 2020. (PANAME DISTRIBUTION)

These Three Summers, the Brazilian film directed by Sandra Kogut, are those which preceded the coming to power in Brazil of Jaïr Bolsonaro in 2018, when the corruption scandals occupied all the news.

In a wealthy family who find themselves in their holiday home for the end of year celebrations, the austral summer in Brazil, Mada, the bubbly Regina Casé, is a charismatic housekeeper. When her bosses are caught up in their dubious business, she finds herself, from the second summer, at the head of all the domestic workers, in a huge villa deserted by her owners.

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Deprived of wages but living in luxury, this small community learns to get by under the rule of Mada who also takes care, with dedication, of the old patriarch abandoned like an old piece of furniture. Sandra Kogut goes through intimacy and humor to describe the evolution of mores, the myth of individual neoliberal success that allowed the accession to power of the extreme right.

A comedy on a subject little known today, housewares, where for a century, young French women learned to become perfect wives, in short, totally submissive. When May 68 arrives, the patriarchy takes a good slap, and these schools will quickly disappear, it is at the turn of these historical events that the film takes place.

Paulette Van der Beck, Juliette Binoche, who runs one of these establishments in Alsace will, pushed by her students, open their eyes to the alienation that she teaches and experiences as a woman.

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In the filmography of Juliette Binoche comedies are rare, but as in My loute by Bruno Dumont, or the hilarious episode of the series Ten percent, she excels in the genre. Surrounded in La Bonnne Wife by Yolande Moreau and Noémie Lvovsky, equally effective, Juliette Binoche takes obvious pleasure in acting.

Driven by the Jasmin revolution, a generation of young filmmakers tells in very personal styles the changes taking place in a still fragile country.

A happy couple and their child seem to embody this new era, when this son receives a stray bullet during a terrorist attack. This tragedy will reveal a family secret that carries heavy challenges: the place of women, the honor of a father, religious preconceptions, while a race against the clock is started to save this child. Mehdi Barsaoui and Sami Bouajila, the father, are all the more convincing because the sobriety ofA son is remarkable for a first film.

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