What are Christine Lagarde's missions at the head of the European Central Bank?

Christine Lagarde has been appointed head of the European Central Bank. “It is almost the equal of a head of state among the 19 countries of the euro zone“says the journalist Viktor Frédéric on the set of 19/20.The French will have several missions such as ensuring price stability, encourage growth or manage the circulation of tickets.

The European Central Bank (ECB) must ensure that other banks are able to cope with crises, but it also protects savers and guarantees up to € 100,000 in deposits in the event of a bank failure. “To boost consumption and growth, the ECB lends money to your bank at so-called 'directors' rates, they are now close to zero, which allows your bank to borrow almost free money and then offer you very low interest rates“, concludes Viktor Frédéric.


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