what follow-up for radicalized people?

After their sentence, they planned to attack strangers in the street, or public buildings. Last August, plans for attacks by two inmates were foiled. Some radicalized prisoners are ready to reoffend as soon as they leave prison. This is a major fear of the French security services. In our country, prisons house 500 defendants or convicts for Islamic terrorism and 1,200 radicalized prisoners.

The sentence served, the radicalized prisoners benefit from the same follow-up as a prisoner of common law. According to a former intelligence officer, it's impossible to keep an eye on everyone. “Theoretically, we must put them under surveillance. But constant monitoring is impossible, except in a few cases. To monitor a person permanently, it takes between 20 and 30 police officers“says Alain Rodier, director of research at the French Intelligence Center.For the impossibility of monitoring at all times, some advocate the principle of preventive detention: a placement in a closed center after the prison.

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