“What interests me is today, tomorrow, and what is before us”

Didier Deschamps, centenarian! He played Sunday, November 17 against Albania his hundredth match as a coach of the France team. “Hundred, it's a nice number, but I'll have plenty of time to savor, I'm not used to looking in the retro.Beyond the meter, it's the goals in front of us that are important. “

Before the last qualifying match for Euro 2020, Didier Deschamps spent a lot of time with Jacques Vendroux, for the first episode of a series of interviews conducted for Franceinfo by the former head of Radio France sports. “Passing the 100 mark, it happened to me in my first life … There, to get there as a coach, I'm not going to say it's less difficult, it's more difficult, I depend on others It's thanks to my players, of course, when I was a player myself, I had a part of responsibility! There, it's a double pride. “

In the interview he gave to Jacques Vendroux, Didier Deschamps looks back on his childhood and his debut, on his career and his record, on his rage intact to win … His first selection in the French team as a player on April 29, 1989 against Yugoslavia, is still a fresh memory. “Of course, we remember his first selection, anyway!” I was not expected, I remember that I replaced Daniel Bravo, who was injured, I was planned with the Espoirs. … So I'm in the big bath, I was young, so I did not speak, but hey, it was beautiful, to be there once, it's always good, I've been chained ever since … “ Until reaching 103 selections.

Kid, he could have chosen rugby, like his father, and if he forked to football, it's mostly for a question of size. “I was not too wrong, my parents let me choose so I do not have to blame them for choosing me.” The Aviron Bayonnais will be his first club, in teams of pupils, then of minimal, before joining the training center of FC Nantes in 1983. “Sport could not be a job for me, and everything went very fast.” Did Didier's childhood dream come true for the Aviron Bayonnais? “But it happens sometimes, thankfully! When you're a child you have this form of carelessness to say that everything is accessible, that nothing is impossible. It's beautiful, we must tell them that we must believe But it does not fall like that from heaven, it does not come by chance, it takes a lot of effort, whatever the dream. “

Didier Deschamps unfolds his career, FC Nantes (“This club gave me everything”) via Marseille, after an interlude in Bordeaux, Juventus Turin, Chelsea and Valencia … It is to Juve, between 1994 and 1999, that he plays his best years, in a club he keeps for a model d 'organization. “A dream !” “I found myself like a fish in the water, that's what I wanted, you come in, it breathes … Every person is in his role, that's it, everything is settled. prevented, thanks to Marcello Lippi (the coach from 1994 to 1999), with this obligation of result, to have a family spirit, a human management of the group that was fabulous.I remember attentions, meals that were made For Christmas, that's it: it's Juve … there's a spirit. ” But beyond this organization, “Ideal” there are the results. Three Italian league titles (1995, 1997, 1998), Italian Cup (1995), Champions League (1996) … To draw, there, it's a disaster. And defeat is a cataclysm! But that's good, that … “

This player experience has nurtured his coaching career. “My first life as a player serves me, I never talk to the players, they were not born yet, so it does not concern them, but it's something that has always served me in my life. coaching or coaching career. ” 103 selections, more than a hundred times coach of the French team … Didier Deschamps savored, but for him, it is not time for balance sheets. “I'm not going to stop and say, wow, what did you do … I'm interested in today, tomorrow, and what's ahead.” How would he qualify this record as coach of the France team? “It's good, amazing, I do not know, nobody did it, but I'm not here to be unique and the records are there to be beaten.” I broke the record of selections as a player since there are others who have done a lot better. “

Records pass, but the motivation remains intact. “If the urge goes down, I'll say stop, I'm not used to doing things in half, but even if it's intact, if I do not have the results, I'll be housed in the same place as any other coach or coach, it's the results that make it possible to last! “ Until the World Cup in Qatar, in 2022? “I do not ask myself this question, today it is Euro 2020. It would not displease me, but I am realistic, too … Today, there is only the Euro that counts . “

Today, Didier Deschamps is part of a very closed club. Like Franz Beckenbauer and Iker Casillas, he has won World Cup, Euro and Champions League as a player. And like Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer, he won the World Cup as a player and then as a coach. “Of course, the table is small … the bill will be lower! is he fun. It's a privilege to be in this category. “


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