when a journalist discovers shamans

Shamanism, cure for evil? This is the story of Corine in a “A Bigger World” by director Fabienne Berthaud. Former journalist, she left in the Mongolian steppes, after a personal drama, to record Mongolian traditional songs of an ethnic group of the country. A ceremony led by a shaman supposed to communicate with the spirit world, plunges her into a trance: she is a shaman.

The story is not a fiction. It is that of the French Corine Sombrun who discovered a gift, that of the shamans to reach different states of consciousness. A gift that has turned his life upside down: “A shovel fell on me, I was not warned that it falls to me like that [above]” sums up the journalist who wrote her autobiography that inspired the movie, My initiation in shamans. The film tells about his mystical experience of trance, and how to achieve these states of consciousness hidden from the eyes of the world. A dreamlike and mysterious adventure.


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