When lawyers make ambassadors of their company on social networks

A woman is consulting the social network Facebook. (JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOURDILLAT / RADIO FRANCE)

When you are a company, you have to take advantage of the power of social networks and make its employees ambassadors, influencers who will allow the brand to become better known. Do not believe that this new strategy is reserved for a few Parisian start-ups. This new way of communicating, is in vogue at Pôle emploi, Crédit Agricole, BPCE or at Allianz. Not to mention, abroad, big boxes like Starbucks, Reebok or Dell.

Each time, the idea is the same: employees of a company always have more friends and followers than the company itself. A company with 100 employees has an average of just over 4,000 followers. If one adds the network of its collaborators, one goes up to more than 120 000. A network which is worth of gold. According to a US study, using its employees as ambassadors is the guarantee to increase the brand awareness by 24 and to increase your business contacts by 25%. There is much more confidence in what a friend or a friend posts than in what a company publishes, a Nielsen study recently recalled.

First step: identify the most active employees on social networks. The company then offers them to become ambassadors of the brand. We speak in good franglais of “employee advocacy “ (You will read this expression more and more often). The company will go to address its new “lawyers” content. At Pôle emploi it can be a training on a job in tension, the place of a job dating, a salon, a job to put forward. In other companies, it can be studies, press articles, information about the company. At Crédit Agricole, for example, the thousand ambassadors of the group receive a dozen articles every day. It's up to them to dig in and post them, with commentary or analysis.

It is important to point out that employees are always volunteers and volunteers. They do not receive bonuses or additional remuneration for their activity on social networks serving their company.

Their interest is elsewhere. First, as they receive a lot of information, they broadcast it and their influence on social networks soars. Their “personal brand” is gaining value. They are therefore identified in the labor market and also internally. Clearly, it's good for their career, either to change boxes or to take additional responsibilities. A long-term strategy, but at the end of the month, nothing changed on the payroll.


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