when patient donations fund the hospital

San Diego, California. Every morning, in the corridors of one of the largest hospitals in the city, Pamela Barnett begins a tour of a particular kind. She is in charge of raising funds from patients. “Every day I have a list of patients whose wealth has been analyzed. Some have already given, I will thank them. I'm going to see others who we think they could donate“says the employee of a foundation in the hospital.

Pamela Barnett enters a patient's room. After a few minutes of discussion, she suggests making a donation. She files the file. The patient will think. Patients are not solicited at random. “I try to target patients rated D or above. They are wealthy, rich or super-rich patients“Patients ranked according to their level of wealth.” The San Diego hospital is funded by private money, a foundation that collects donations from businesses and large fortunes. patients represent 2/3 of funds.

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