Why many tobacco shops are closed during containment

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Difficult to find tobacco shops open during this confinement period. According to the National Confederation of tobacconists, 5,000 of the 24,000 official dealers have closed since the start of the containment. As reported by JDD, in Paris, half of the 700 tobaccos have also lowered the curtain, while the government allows them to remain open. They were indeed considered “essential to the life of the Nation, in the same way as the supermarkets or the pharmacies. They however fold shop temporarily or sometimes open only in the morning. A phenomenon observed in all the big cities of France.

According to Philippe Coy, president of the National Confederation of tobacconists, the first tobacconists to have closed are managers of Asian origin, because they were victims of racism and amalgams at the beginning of the arrival of the coronavirus, which appeared in China. Other tobacco shop managers preferred to close for health reasons because they belonged to at-risk audiences, being diabetic, overweight or elderly. There are also economic reasons for these closings.

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Many tobacco shops were also bars or breweries and, being unable to operate, therefore preferred to close rather than just selling tobacco. Same observation on the side of tobacconists who also derived their income from the PMU since horse racing is stopped. Some tobacconists also had to close because they were located in deserted city centers. “I just had a member on the phone who has a magnificent shop in the center of Amiens. He no longer sees anyone. While 30 kilometers away, in a town of 3,000 inhabitants, one of his colleagues never worked so well! “explains Philippe Coy to the JDD. Large cities are therefore more affected by the closures of tobacconists.

Cigarette sales fell 9% in March

The JDD recalls that, according to the monthly customs report, cigarette sales in France fell by more than 9% in March. “But we have been at 30% for the past fortnight. And in border areas, especially near Belgium and Luxembourg, the increase is even more spectacular due to the blocking of borders,” said the boss of the confederation, who said '' relies on the feedback from the 19,000 tobacconists who remained open. Confinement requires, smokers have changed their habits, for fear of missing. From the package, they went on to buy cartridges. “I have half the number of checkouts, but my turnover is stable, with an average basket which has increased by 50%” n testifies Philippe Coy himself.


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