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Sophie Lévy-Ayoun / Capital

Practical information Capital. Economic activity stopped … The question arises of the payment of social benefits. Good news, the National Family Allowance Fund ensures that benefits will be paid normally throughout the duration of the health crisis. APL, family allowances, activity bonus … will therefore be well distributed. Social security recipients also do not have to worry. “There is no problem with the payment of the RSA,” insists Jean-René Lecerf, president of the Nord department. On the other hand, the practical organization of the family allowance funds has been changed. The reception takes place only by appointment, and a maximum of procedures must be carried out directly on the Internet. Visit our site to find out more.

The rant of the day is pushed by employees who are denied telework. While the government has asked the French to give preference to teleworking when possible, some companies are still reluctant to let their employees work from home. On social networks, testimonies have multiplied in recent days. “My company refuses to telecommute when it is technically possible and we work in open space, says a user. However, teleworking remains subject to an agreement from the employer, Capital reminded you a few days ago. If you are in the same situation and your employer refuses you telework when you could exercise your profession from your home … testify on

The figure of the day: 6 months. Some employees and the self-employed are currently experiencing a drop in income due to the crisis. They can no longer repay their mortgage or consumer credit. Admittedly, it is often possible to suspend repayment of a loan, but only for two or three months. Fortunately, some banks would consider extending these deadlines further. “We talked a lot with the banks to get 6 months of extension of deadlines and I think it will succeed!”, Says Philippe Taboret, president of the Professional Association of Credit Intermediaries. BNP, Societe Generale, the Postal Bank would have given their approval. If the French Banking Federation does not confirm this information, the banks contacted by Capital already claim to act on a case-by-case basis. Case to follow!

We finish with the unemployment benefit at the end of entitlement which could well be extended. According to information from Les Echos, the Ministry of Labor is planning to extend their benefits during the Covid-19 crisis. It now remains to clarify the contours of this measure. Between 60,000 and 90,000 unemployed people would end their rights at the end of March. This measure, if confirmed, would be a real relief for these beneficiaries who, in this period of confinement, have very little chance of winning a contract.

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