With artificial intelligence, no one will escape the advertising

The idea is to remove the commercial in the middle of the movies or series and put the commercials directly inside television programs. An artificial intelligence will analyze the scenes and as soon as she sees an empty space like a wall or a shop blind, she will place an advertisement on this spot. The viewers are not aware of anything and feel that the scenes were shot like that while they are images added a posteriori.

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This is the ultimate product placement, because it can be changed a posteriori and changed depending on the film and the person watching it. Advertisers and producers do not dare to admit it. But when the series How I put your mother, which dates from 2005, has been rebroadcast, more modern ads have been added.

It will be very used on the net. Instead of waiting 10 to 30 seconds to see a video, the video will be visible immediately, but products will be added as beauty products in makeup tutorial videos. Starting in January, targeted advertising arrives on television.

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