Wuhan confined for more than seven weeks

“Wuhan (China) is still a ghost town, a lifeless city. I can tell you, to be there from the start, that you don't get used to it. There were different stages of confinement. At first, people could go out once a day to go shopping in supermarkets and pharmacies, the only stores open in the city. Then the confinement hardened: exits authorized every three days with a nominal pass. But since February 17, the confinement is total, with prohibition to leave home, of these residences with well guarded entrances“, says France Télévisions correspondent Arnauld Miguet, duplex from Wuhan.

For food, a refueling once a day is organized by the neighborhood committees. The Chinese authorities' idea was to minimize movement of the population, to avoid physical contact. Authorities pass through the apartments several times a week to take the temperature of residents and avoid congestion in hospitals. 54 days in Wuhan is a long time, but there are only four cases of new infections on Monday March 16. A few weeks ago, it was a thousand every day“, he concludes.

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