YouTubers to follow: Metamorphosia fx, the gifted passionate makeup gore

Halloween is over. Children all over the world are feasting on sweets as they go door-to-door, and party-goers are recovering from their excess night. Julia Wunderlich, for her part, will finally be able to blow: for her, the entry in November marks the end of the busiest month of the year.

This 36-year-old Berliner is drowning in demands as she approaches October 31. A quick look at his YouTube channel to 8,000 subscribers, Metamorphosia fx, just understand why. This magician of the brush publishes the amazing transformations she makes with makeup. Susceptible souls abstain: hemoglobin, bloody flesh and skeletons are ubiquitous.

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Who is it?

Julia Wunderlich is an independent makeup artist specializing in special effects. Between two orders of individuals, she moved in front of her camera and devotes herself to her passion by taking herself as a model. Her interest in cosmetics started when she was a child, as she tells

“I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was three years old. I was fascinated by makeup and the fact that it was men who wore them, dressed like women, “she recalls.” I always wanted to do something different from other children when carnival or Halloween. There was always that dark and extravagant touch. “

She starts posting her transformations on Instagram in 2016 (@metamorphosia_fx), in order to “show (s) one's work, because a lot of companies and potential employers are looking for their makeup artists on Instagram”. Today, she has 137,000 subscribers on the social network and works for “companies, music groups, individuals, on photoshoots, in film and marketing agencies …”

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His taste for horror probably comes from his inspirations: “I like the dark arts, artists such as Floria Sigismondi, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson or David Lynch are very important models for me. with kits made for special effects and prosthetic makeup, and I'm also very interested in how you look under the skin and the human anatomy. “

What's this?

A museum of horrors: with plenty of fake blood, lenses of all colors and prostheses, Julia Wunderlich tears off her skin to reveal raw flesh, transforms itself in skeleton, in robot, in zombie or in ghost bride.

She also plays with her makeup to produce striking optical illusions, hiding her own forms to bring forth those of her characters. Especially when she turns into a doll and erases her own jaw.

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The viewer takes full eyes but can not reproduce the works: except for rare exceptions, Julia Wunderlich avoids the tutorials and simply presents the final result.

“I just do not have enough time to show my work every time in a tutorial (makeup takes between two and twelve hours,” she explains), and sometimes I do not want to either. I tell myself that people who look at what I do should be fascinated by the result and wonder how I did it to make that look. “

Internet users who are not very fond of gore will also find their account. When she does not turn into a monster, Julia Wunderlich becomes a star. Using her makeup, she layers celebrity faces on hers: Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron, Mads Mikkelsen

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What to watch

Difficult to determine which video is the most inevitable. Some of the makeup for which she uses skin prostheses are particularly impressive. We guess a long job for makeup that also make her bust transform, as when she becomes the movie monster The witches adapted from Roald Dahl. But if you ask Julia Wunderlich what makeup she is most proud of, she answers that of Angelina Jolie“It's the most successful one, I really did it, and I did a tutorial.”


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